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Entry #2


2013-02-04 14:35:06 by Kelren

So the animation thing, i'm most likely not going to do. But artwork? Hell yes :D.
I actually won't be posting much of anything here.
Newgrounds has always been my home but i won't put my art on here unless i think it's particularly worthy.
If you do want to see my artwork, you can see it here. If i get enough encouragement then i might put some stuff here... *Shrugs*

If you'd like to see my youtube gaming channel, feel free to check it out here :D:

But other than that, i'll be doing voice acting and assist with writing scripts for MSP toons! Check them out for this talented animator, as well as my best friend!

I probably will ignore these messages unless they seem generally interesting, but i can voice act for other animations if requested. Guess we'll see.

Until then, here's me if i were a pokemon



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