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Wut up :)

2009-06-03 22:01:01 by Kelren

Hey wut up guys n girls, gonna be grabbin Flash very soon so hold your ass just a few weeks and ill try my best to show u guys wut this new guy's got in em. For now though all i have to offer is this pic of me i made on paint just for fun lol.


-Shaggy (yeah this is my name lol)

Wut up :)


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2009-06-03 22:04:41

Looks cool. PM when you submit it so I can blam it.

Nah, just kidding. I bet you're going to be a great flash artist.

Kelren responds:

lol thx man, i just grabbed the trial since i aint got enough cash to grab Flash CS4 :[. sucks ass but im gonna dedicate myself into learnin how to use this. im doin badass at makin the artwork but havin some trouble with animation. o well im a noob at this right now but ill get it. stayed tuned dude.